Megyn Kelly Is …

A good campaign season for the left also produced a winner at Fox News: Megyn Kelly, the frequently unfiltered anchor whose growing profile belies her mid-afternoon time slot. Here, a Google autofill guide to the America Live host, reflecting an A-to-Z sweep of the search terms most affiliated with her name as of November 14. (Curiously, Kelly’s Election Night row with Karl Rove isn’t among her top hits.)

Photo: Charles Ommanney/Getty Images

1. A Democratic pollster with whom she had an on-air showdown.

2. Said Kelly of pepper spray last fall: “It’s like a derivative of actual pepper—it’s a food product, essentially.”

3. She’s challenged opponents of it.

4. Kelly’s assessment of President Obama following his “horses and bayonets” zinger.

5. Douglas Brunt’s Ghosts of Manhattan; she had him on her show to promote it.

6. Stewart called her a hypocrite for supporting paid maternity leave while criticizing entitlements.

7. “I’m the world’s biggest Megyn Kelly fan,” he has said.

8. What her husband calls her breasts, per Kelly.

9. Confused entries by persons searching for fellow blonde Fox News host Gretchen Carlson.

10. She criticized his vulgar tweets about GOP wives.

11. She has defended transgendered people on-air.

12. Her son.

13. Her daughter.

14. A Kelly karaoke favorite.

15. Chairman of the New Black Panther Party. She ended the interview by saying, “Well, we’ll let our viewers be the judge of that.”

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Megyn Kelly Is …