Slim City

Photo: Andrea Mohin/The New York Times/Redux (Bouder); Brent Chua/Courtesy of Muse Management Inc. (Xu)

The confluence of Fashion Week shows and the opening night of the New York City Ballet’s performance of Swan Lake made Lincoln Center the world capital of tall, skinny women last week. Here, Samantha Xu, in her first season as a model, and Ashley Bouder, who is dancing the lead role in Swan Lake, share their collected thinness inputs from Tuesday, September 13.

Samantha Xu
Whose ten shows and presentations at Fashion Week included L.A.M.B. and Thom Browne

9 a.m.: Half a box of strawberries, glass of soy milk, whole-wheat flatbread with light butter and Nutella, bottle of drinkable yogurt
11 a.m.: Power-walk to agency while drinking coconut water
Noon: Power-walk to Lincoln Center for show
2 p.m.: Cheese and crackers, vegetables (celery, carrots, bell pepper) with sour‑cream dip, can of Diet Pepsi, two small frozen yogurts
3 p.m.: Walk for show (a group show of Argentine designers) in Lincoln Center, if that counts for exercise
4 p.m.: Power-walk to subway home
8 p.m.: Stroll around for about ten blocks
8:30 p.m.: Dinner at Neptune (a Polish restaurant): vegetable barley soup (a big bowl), tuna wrap with lettuce, and coleslaw. Drink: icewater.
9 p.m.: Cup of jasmine green tea; walk to subway home
10 p.m.: Glass of warm soy milk

“Before modeling, everybody told me I needed to eat more, but I eat like a normal person. Now they say I have a normal body type for modeling. So it actually made me feel better about myself.”

Ashley Bouder
Principal dancer at NYCB

8:45 a.m.: First two cups of coffee; stretch; walk the dogs
9:40 a.m.: Two scrambled eggs with large glass of water
9:55 a.m.: Walk to subway
10:20 a.m.: Stretch, followed by 105-minute NYCB ballet class and 45-minute Swan Lake rehearsal
1 p.m.: Banana, bottle of water; walk to post office
2 p.m.: Skirt-steak salad; walk to subway to go home
3:20 p.m.: Greek yogurt with peaches; nap
4:15 p.m.: Leftover spaghetti Bolognese
4:25 p.m.: Walk dogs, then walk to subway; stop for coconut water and coffee on way to theater
6:30 p.m.: Stretch and warm up backstage; coconut water
7:30 p.m.: Swan Lake performance begins
8:35 p.m.: Tuna salad and water at intermission
10:05 p.m.: Postperformance water and coconut water
11 p.m.: Crab cake and chopped salad with glass of Pinot Noir

“I watch what I eat and sacrifice some indulgences for my art. I don’t understand sacrificing your health to walk down a runway in pretty clothes.”

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Slim City