Little Toy Drones

Some look at President Obama’s use of drone strikes to target alleged terrorists and militants overseas and see war crimes. California toy-vehicle company ­Maisto saw a new product rollout. In its latest catalogue, the cheery-sounding Fresh Metal Tailwinds series includes a die-cast scale replica of the government’s unmanned aerial vehicle of choice, the RQ-1 Predator. This means that America’s children can now play with the same line of drones used in Air Force and CIA operations that have reportedly resulted in the accidental deaths of over 200 civilians, among them women and children. On the toy’s Amazon page, reviewers have not limited their assessments to the its value, craftsmanship, and durability, as these samples show.

It’s like I’m sitting right there in the White House!
This is the best toy ever. Finally, I can pretend that I’m a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize! —Raini Pachak

Hey, people may call me judgmental, but I’ve always been able to tell who the terrorists are just by looking at them. Even if it’s from 5,000 ft. —Addison

A great Ramadan present!
My uncle bought this toy for me as a Ramadan gift. Amazon was able to ship it to Yemen just in time for Ramadan. I love it a lot! I like to play with it before bedtime because it reminds me of the soothing sound of drones flying overhead. —Hassan

Also bought with …
Wow! This will go perfectly with the “Do It Yourself Water Boarding Kit” we got our son for his birthday! My only disappointment is that it didn’t come with scale model cluster bombs. Maybe they are sold separately? —Martin M. Rosenbluth

Just don’t crash it!
I don’t know what I’m going to do first, drop some bombs into a village full of non-combatants from hundreds of miles away, or strike a little closer to home and take out that pesky New Yorker who has a 10 round magazine he refuses to turn in! Oh the fun scenarios that await! —Hamjob

Disappointed in the price of this toy. Thought it would be paid for with my hard-working, middle-class taxes as the real ones are, but apparently not! Of course I’m kidding. There is no middle class anymore. —Chai T.

Teaching Your Kids About the ­Government Has Never Been So Fun
Toys like this make teaching the kids about modern US/world government so much easier. Thank you Maisto … thank you!!!! —Jeff J.

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Little Toy Drones