Better Than the Real Thing?

The photos: People’s cover, also used by the Post, shows Brad and Angelina lying on a bed with Shiloh, and is virtually identical to one of New York Magazine’s fake shots. The key difference: Rather than both parents gazing at the baby, in the real photo, Angelina stares adoringly at Brad.

The other photo released today reinforces the Brad-centricity of the images we’ve seen so far. New York mocked up an intimate shot of Angelina breast-feeding, along with a more distanced shot of Brad holding the baby. The real photo is a close-up of Brad cradling Shiloh, his lips about to kiss her eyes.

The venue: We called People the “odds-on favorite”; People won the bidding war.

The money: We predicted the photos “could fetch $5 million”; People managing editor Larry Hackett strongly implied that price was well out of his range. People reportedly bid $5 million for worldwide rights and wound up paying $4.1 million for U.S. rights; Hello! paid $3.5 million for U.K. rights. Nice head fake, Larry.

The cause: We predicted the money would go to Yéle Haiti, a Brangelina-favored charity to fund development in Haiti. The couple has said the proceeds will go to charity but has yet to name one.

The country: We hedged our bets with “probably Paris, but possibly Los Angeles, or maybe even Addis Ababa.” The photos were taken in Namibia.

The name: We weren’t crazy enough to predict that.

For more details on the backstage machinations of the paparazzi, read “Not Since Jesus” by Jason Zengerle.

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