The Socialista Universe

Tinsley, Minnie, Byrdie, Zani—never have socialites been so omnipresent, nor harder to tell apart. Should you care to, an at-a-glance guide to the people you’re most likely to see at a perfume launch or costume ball, making a mad dash toward the paparazzi.


Olivia Palermo

New School student aggressively fresh on the scene. At war with, Tinsley Mortimer, others.

Amanda Hearst

Pushes low-energy lightbulbs on friends, dates Winston Lapham (son of ex-Harper’s editor).

Lydia Hearst Shaw

Amanda’s cousin. Busy fashion model is as much a minor celebrity as Tinsley Mortimer.

Arden Wohl

Kooky NYU film school grad is never seen without eighties headband.

Byrdie Bell

With boyfriend Bingo Gubelmann (Marjorie’s cousin), half of the most hilariously named couple in society.

Victoria Traina

Danielle Steele’s daughter and a muse for Proenza Schouler. If you’re lucky, she’ll show up with an Olsen.

Dabney Mercer

Tinsley’s less polished but equally blonde sister left Peter Som and now takes care of new dog full-time.

Minnie Mortimer

Tinsley’s sister-in-law hightailing it out of New York social world to marry filmmaker Stephen Gaghan.


Claire Bernard

Columbia M.F.A. candidate constantly harangues friends to support Museum of Natural History.

Genevieve Jones

On the upswing with a jewelry line after last year’s bruising Wall Street Journal profile.

Zani Gugelmann

Loves to complain about going out but rarely misses a party. Jewelry line actually sells.

Celerie Kemble

Harvard-educated interior designer seems too smart for a life of red-carpet steps and repeats.

Fabiola Beracasa

Daughter of Veronica Hearst and public face of Circa jewelry. Spoke to Observer when dog died.

Olivia Chantecaille

Extremely thin cosmetics scion works off calories tirelessly shilling for family brand.

Tinsley Mortimer

Apex of young New York society has what everyone else wants: a household name.

Georgina Chapman

Harvey Weinstein’s girlfriend, whose Marchesa dress line is more popular with actresses than socialites.

Allison Sarofim

Domino editor, trained chef, and aspiring actress, known for lavish parties at Bank Street home.

Eleanor Ylvisaker

Seems casually along for the ride on benefit circuit. Much-lusted-after husband is a Palm Beach blue blood.

Rachel Roy

The actually talented fashion-designer wife of Damon Dash. André Leon Talley is a supporter.

Margherita Missoni

Socialite and walking billboard for family’s label mysteriously gets her photo in every magazine.

Annelise Peterson

Blonde-bombshell Valentino publicist got dog in hope of curbing nightlife appetite. No one’s sure if it’s working.

Bonnie Morrison

San Francisco–bred night owl loves a party. Jokes about being named “Mocha Socialite” by a lifestyle blog.  


Helen Schifter

Wife of Mr. Le Sportsac. Socials still wonder what was in the Vanity Fair profile about her the magazine spiked.

Bettina Zilkha

Always on the scene: If she and Patrick McMullan weren’t there, did it happen?

Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer

Shy, well-dressed senior VP and creative director of Estée Lauder. Haute society’s queen bee.

Tory Burch

The one they all want to be. Successful designer, divorced from venture capitalist, now dating Lance Armstrong.

Samantha Boardman Rosen

Shrink whose Vogue wedding write-up left out a photo of her husband, art-collecting tycoon Aby Rosen.

Marjorie Gubelmann Raein

Lately spends less time hosting, more time working on candle-and-cream line Vie Luxe.

Alex Kramer

Divorced former stay-at-home mom helping out on new line for her beau, Brazilian designer Carlos Miele.

Gigi Mortimer

Like Tinsley, married into Standard Oil family. Husband is investment banker Averell Mortimer.

Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler

Daughter of sugar baron Pepe Fanjul and his very social wife, Emilia. Recently shuttered PR firm to raise baby.

Muffie Potter Aston

Mother of surrogate twins, wife of plastic surgeon Sherrell Aston, who recently had the cover of L’Uomo Vogue.

Nina Griscom

Ageless divorcée’s affair with Pepe Fanjul was covered in W magazine. Has hot young boyfriend in real estate.

Yvonne Force Villareal

Princess of Miami Art Basel, old chum of Amy Sacco’s, sings in Fendi-sponsored rock band.

Jennifer Creel

Recently separated, splits time between New York and Hollywood to nurse acting dream.

Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos

Has leveraged social connections to open St. Regis in Anguilla and Ritz-Carltons in South Florida.  


Jessica Joffe

Former Observer scribe, girlfriend of Ryan Adams, model for Uniqlo and Banana Republic, hermit of late.

Alexis Bryan

Fast-rising fashion editor at Vanity Fair and daughter of Anna Wintour’s boyfriend, Shelby Bryan.

Dr. Lisa Airan

Chanel-loving skin doc links to her Vogue mentions on Website. Frequent walker of designer Gilles Mendel.

Lauren Davis

Mistakenly referred to as a Poland Spring heiress, (finally) engaged to Colombian billionaire.

Amanda Brooks

Sold style book to Judith Regan. Anna Wintour made her a contributing editor at Men’s Vogue.

Nancy Jarecki

Whip-smart wife of Andrew “Mr. Moviefone” Jarecki has company selling dye for the “hair down there.”

Lauren DuPont

Wife of sculptor-heir Richard duPont got her start at Vogue; now a contributing editor at Vogue Living.

Marina Rust Connor

Chic contributing editor at Vogue whose stories often include photos of herself (e.g., a Rachel Zoe makeover).


Derek Blasberg

Sharp-tongued party boy manages to befriend everyone, writes for Euro fashion mags.

Andrew Saffir

Hosts screenings for socialites. Guests complain the movies stink but appreciate the celebrity gridlock.

Luigi Tadini

Model-actor says he’s an executive and designer for his family’s Brazilian jewelry company. Always in a cravat.

Carlos Mota

Furniture designer and special-projects editor at Elle Décor. Could be the next Jonathan Adler.

Euan Rellie

Cambridge grad, I-banker, and father of Heathcliff and Titus with wife Lucy Sykes. He loves to party, baby.

Rufus Albemarle

Hulking husband of the sculptor Sally Albemarle. She mostly lives overseas while he makes the New York scene.

The Socialista Universe