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Happy 16th Birthday, Here’s $3 Million

Nelson Gomez
b. October 8, 1997, in Nigua
Signed on July 2 with the New York Yankees for $2.25 million.

What will signing a contract mean for you and your family?
My family’s going to be better, because I’m poor.

What will you miss most about the Dominican Republic?
My family I’m going to miss big time. And the food—definitely the food. Dominican food! Rice, beans, and meat.

What will your first big purchase be after you sign the contract?
The first thing I’m going to do is give money to my mother. That’s the first thing. And if I have something left, maybe I’ll get a car, or a little ranch, to raise cows and horses around my house. Since I was little, we were very poor. My father and my mother made sacrifices for me to eat properly every day and to have my gloves, my spikes, my bats. Thank God.