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Happy 16th Birthday, Here’s $3 Million

Adrian Rondon
b. July 7, 1998, in San Pedro
Signed on July 7 with the Tampa Bay Rays for $2.95 million.

Is your life about to change?
It’s going to change a lot, of course, but I’m going to continue to work. I hope that God looks after me so I have a good heart and stay humble.

Has your family had to make sacrifices to get you to this point?
There were many sacrifices. I’m thankful for my mother always having food for me to eat, for my trainer for helping me work hard, for my agent taking me through this process of signing. My training was every day from seven to seven.

Who is your favorite Major League Baseball player?
Jose Reyes. I love the way he plays the game, the excitement he brings to the field. It could be 50-0 and he plays with the same energy, and I’ve always liked that.