What Does Greg McElroy* Think?

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Everyone wants to know what goes on between Tebow and Sanchez behind closed doors. As the third-string quarterback, you’re the only one in there—tell us it’s just constant catfights.
It’s fun—the three of us give each other a hard time. We were just starting our first meeting when we all thanked Tim for keeping his shirt on. We make fun of each other for bad plays and things like that. When we get on the field, it is all business, it doesn’t carry over. But no: It is as exciting as you think a quarterback meeting would be. Not very.

You’re constantly asked about Tim and Mark, but, you know, you’re a competitor too. Don’t you want to start?
I understand my role. I have been a backup at every level, including high school and college. I am behind those two guys, and my job is to help them out any way I possibly can, and with the reps that I am given, just make the most of them.

But are you ready to play, right now, if they both go down in a plane crash or something?
Listen, if you really want to be in this league for a long time, you have to have an ambition. You have to want to be on the field. You are not going to last if you are not a competitor. If we had to play a game tomorrow, I can’t say I would be ready, but hopefully I will just continue to take steps up the ladder.

Has anything about Tim surprised you so far, anything you didn’t know about him?
I hadn’t actually heard of him. Turns out he’s a whole thing!

*What, you didn’t know he was the Jets’ third-string quarterback?

What Does Greg McElroy* Think?