What Does Rex Ryan Think?

Photo: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Everyone concentrates on Sanchez’s and Tebow’s differences, but you say they’re more similar than people realize.
It starts with how competitive they are, how mentally and physically tough. Obviously, people follow Tim everywhere, so you better be mentally tough. And he is. Nothing rattles him. But Mark is just as tough. You do not win four road playoff games otherwise. Sure, there are differences: Mark can hang his head when things aren’t going right. But competitively, they are the same.

How difficult is it to have two high-profile quarterbacks like this when neither is used to not being “the guy”?
When Mark comes off the field, he wants to play. When Tim’s off, he wants to play. But one thing I know about these guys: They both want to win, whatever it takes. I mean, Tebow is our personal protector on the punt team. He’s the only quarterback in the NFL to do that. He’s just rocked up! He’s a football player: You hit him, he’ll hit you back. So of course he wants to play. And so does Mark.

At a press conference today, you got a question about when Tebow ran shirtless across the field. You laughed it off. It’s hard to imagine Bill Belichick responding that way.
You know, inside, Belichick would probably be laughing. Me? I’m definitely a coach that would have no problem with any of this stuff.

Are Mark and Tim friends?
I think they are becoming friends. I do not think that is something that you can force. They are always pulling for each other.

Do you curse around Tim?
Yeah, that happens. You don’t purposely say it to upset him. But you don’t change who you are. Tim just sits back, listens, and does not judge you. I am sure if you asked him, “Would you rather your coach not cuss?,” he would say, “Absolutely.” But he doesn’t mind.

What Does Rex Ryan Think?