June 2, 2014

Being Ignored at Work Is the Worst

If you’ve ever suffered at the mercy of a bully boss, you know that it can be tempting to try to fade into the background at work, to adopt a never-mind-me approach. It might instinctively feel like it’s better to be ignored than constantly criticized, but, according to new research, the opposite is true. You’re better off being bullied than being ignored. Read More »
Many of Us Were a Bit Like Elliot Rodger

The mind of the frustrated young man is a dangerous thing.

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Dudes, Chill Out: Stress Hurts Your Sperm

Anxious men had “misshapen” little swimmers, according to this study.

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The Important Science of Adorable Dancing Babies

I mean, what else do you have going on right now?

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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Kissing

There's a lot happening in your brain and body while you're busy making out.

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It's Too Late. Exclamation Marks Are Unstoppable Now

What was once reserved for joy or excitement is now simply polite.

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Why We Enjoy Chili Peppers, S&M, Gruesome Movies, and Other Unpleasant Experiences

It's all about feeling safe and threatened at the same time.

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Can We Train Narcissists Not to Be Such Jerks?

There's some evidence you can simply ask them to be more empathetic.

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How to Beat Procrastination: Harness the Zeigarnik Effect

We’re driven to finish a task once we’ve begun it.

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It Hurts More to Be Obese in Skinny Places

Obese people report less of a dip in life satisfaction when they are surrounded by other obese people.

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