June 5, 2014

You Should Worry More About Your Profile Picture

We've all spent too much time obsessing over our profile pictures on Facebook, dating websites, and everywhere else. It would be nice to think we're being neurotic, that it doesn't actually matter whether you use that photo where you look coy-happy or the one where you're a bit more mischievous-happy. But a new study in Psychological Science suggests otherwise. Read More »
Work Smarter: Get Stuff Done in 90-Minute Chunks

Taking breaks may help you be more productive.

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Chimps: Better Than Us?

Chimps, always jerks, can now rub a new study touting their superiority in our faces. Thanks for nothing, science.

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Why You’re Constantly Exercising and Never Losing Weight

If you enjoy your exercise, you'll eat less afterward.

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Here’s How Much of Your Own Happiness Is Under Your Control

A psychologist who studies and writes about the science of well-being explains.

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Maureen Dowd’s Hilarious Freak-Out Actually Provides Some Important, Practical Drug-Use Tips

Laugh, yes, but also learn from how foolishly she approached her edible-pot experience.

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What Ryan Lewis – But Not Macklemore – Can Teach Us About the Good Life

It may be more fulfilling to fly under the radar, a new book argues.

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Sarcasm-Detecting Software Doesn’t Exist, Would Be Helpful

The Secret Service probably won't be successful in its search for software that can detect sarcastic tweets.

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This Tweet From Bill Bratton Marked a Historic Shift in NYPD Anti-Drug Policy

The NYPD is starting to treat drug users like human beings rather than criminals.

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What Do We Know About Girls Who Kill?

The hows and whys of the rare cases of girls convicted for homicide.

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