About Our New Look

Dear Reader,

When we redesigned nymag.com earlier this year, we made the site easier to use, with a richer, deeper search engine. Now, we’re introducing new editorial features intended to bring the life of the city to you as it unfolds.

The homepage will showcase Daily Intelligencer, a constantly updated micro-magazine that filters the news of the day through our combination of reverence and irreverence. Commentary on the latest Atlantic Yards design will jostle with quotes from the previous night’s premier party, tabloid-gossip roundups, and raw video footage. You’ll get the same mix of the serious and the frivolous that exists in New York Magazine and New York City—but faster.

Daily Intelligencer is the latest in a series of features that have debuted on nymag.com in the last month. Others include:

Grub Street, a daily food blog that blends playful coverage of the restaurant scene with reports on new openings.

Early and Often, an election-season blog about the colorful characters of New York politics.

The Do-It-Yourself Approval Matrix, which lets you decide whether pop-culture events are highbrow-brilliant or lowbrow-despicable.

Video Look Book, which brings well-dressed—or just quirky—people from the street to your screen.

My Fashion, which lets you search runway photos from Fashion Week in New York, Milan, Paris, and London, then save them to your personal album.

You’ll also find an improved cultural calendar with more recommendations from our writers and critics; expanded sample sales; hundreds of restaurant menus; reader reviews; and more.

We hope you enjoy the new nymag.com, and we’re sure you’ll have opinions on it. This is just the beginning; expect to see more additions to our online coverage in the near future. Please let us know what you think by sending an e-mail to feedback@nymag.com.

Ben Williams, Editorial Director
Kelly Maloni, Executive Editor

About Our New Look