Magazine Permissions

New York Magazine welcomes requests to license articles or covers for academic or business use. All material in the magazine is protected by copyright law. Reproduction of content requires the permission of the magazine or individual copyright owner.

Permission to Photocopy: To obtain permission to photocopy text-only, staff produced articles for general, academic or business purposes, please submit your request through Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) at Note: CCC does not provide photocopies, it grants permission.

Permission to Syndicate: To obtain permission to syndicate an article in a magazine or newspaper, please email ( to find out if a story is available through our syndication partner, Tribune Content Agency (TCA). Your email request should include Article Title, Author, and Issue Date.

Permission to Reprint: To obtain permission for custom electronic or print reprints of an individual article or cover, call 212-508-0604 or email

Permission to Use Actual Cover: To obtain permission to use full cover for television or film, please email (

Permission for Textbooks or Anthologies: To obtain permission to republish an article in a textbook or anthology, please email ( or call (212) 508-0552. License fees are generally determined by such factors as article length and print run/unit cost of licensed reuse. Reduced rates may apply for non-profit institutions.