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Audrey Saunders
Beverage director and cocktail diva extraordinaire, Bemelmans Bar, Carlyle Hotel, 35 E. 76th St.

Cocktail Philosophy: Balance of flavors, proper dilution.

Biggest Cocktail Pet Peeve: Nonchalant bartenders. "If you don't take it seriously, you don't belong behind the bar."

Craziest Concoction Attempted: For her Earl Grey MarTEAni, Saunders thought "it would be so cool" to top a gin-sour base with an Earl Grey foam. "It was absolutely delicious," until the foam disintegrated, making it look "like a melted sundae." She finally infused the tea into the gin.

Gin or Vodka Martini? Shaken or Stirred?: Saunders indulges in the occasional Pink Gin, a shot of "good, room temperature gin" in a glass that's been rinsed in angostura bitters. Why room temperature? "So you can really taste all the botanicals," she enthuses.