Green Nights

Photo: Ten Bells

Deborah Gavito’s Counter, a trusty standby in the ecofriendly scene, is an organic-wine bar, martini lounge, and vegetarian bistro all rolled into one. The wines are biodynamic; the martinis are made with organic white-corn vodka; and seasonal produce, from Long Island’s satur farms, takes center stage on the menu.

Named after a town in Finland, Oulu is an ecolounge down to its bare elements. Designed by sustainability-minded architect Evangeline Dennie, the bar’s front is a “living wall” (basically meaning studded with grass), the lights are set at optimum energy-conservation levels, the walls are made of 100 percent recycled Sheetrock, and the fixtures are composed of recycled wood.

Ten Bells
The newly opened wine bar Ten Bell’s earth-friendly considerations—organic wines, locally produced cheeses and cold cuts—are more of an afterthought. Instead, the focus is on the vinos themselves, an affordable collection imported from small producers in Europe, Morocco, and Oregon.

You might be surprised to hear that Freemans, known as a taxidermy-heavy hot spot, has its eye on the planet’s well-being. Co-owner William Tigertt recently told Down by the Hipster all about the restaurant’s “green initiatives,” like using organic eggs and biodynamic wines, recycling deep-fryer grease into bio-diesel, and getting 60 percent of energy from wind-power providers.

Spring Street Natural
Around in one form or another since 1973, Spring Street Natural was doing the organic-food thing back when it could still get you viciously mocked. Now that the whole world’s come around, they haven’t changed their minimally processed tune: free-range, hormone-free poultry, homemade bread, and as much organic produce and grains as humanly possible.

Green Nights