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Kehinde Wiley.Photo: Courtesy of Deitch Projects

Davis Rhodes
Team Gallery; September 3 through October 3; 83 Grand St., nr. Greene St.; 212-279-9219
The 26-year-old Davis Rhodes has his first solo display in New York at Team Gallery. The show will feature his bold, color field paintings of large proportion.

Icons of the Desert: Early Aboriginal Paintings from Papunya
Grey Art Gallery; September 1 through December 5; 100 Washington Sq., nr. Waverly Pl.; 212-998-6780
NYU’s Grey Art Gallery showcases 50 acrylic paintings from an Aboriginal camp in central Australia. Done in the early seventies, the images depict traditional desert imagery and provide context to the artists’ indigenous culture.

Kehinde Wiley
Deitch Projects; September 3 through September 26; 76 Grand St., nr. Wooster St.; 212-343-7300
After an exhibit there last fall, Kehinde Wiley returns to Deitch Projects with “Black Light,” a series of photographs that juxtapose portraits of African-American males on decorated backdrops.

Tauba Auerbach
Deitch Projects; September 3 through October 17; 76 Grand St., nr. Wooster St.; 212-343-7300
Following an inclusion in the “Younger Than Jesus” show at the New Museum earlier this summer, the San Francisco–born mixed-media artist Tauba Auerbach presents her collection of coded paintings in an anagram-titled show, “Here And Now/And Nowhere,” also at Deitch Projects.

Caitlin MacBride
Real Fine Arts; September 5 through October 4; 673 Meeker Ave., nr. Sutton St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Caitlin MacBride’s series of oil paintings depict department-store mannequins in detail with an ethereal, dreamy quality full of color.

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