Last Chance

Lolita bar.

Lolita Bar
Closing 7/30; 266 Broome St., at Allen St.; 212-966-7223
Need a drink after work on Tuesday? Why not down one while pouring one out for Lolita Bar, which closes its doors after thirteen years of service on the Lower East Side. They’re celebrating with D.J.’s and very, very cheap drinks. They only ask that you bring a valid I.D. (but you knew that anyway, right?).

Closing party 7/31 at 4 p.m.; 1039 Washington St., at 11th St., Hoboken, New Jersey
On July 31, the venerable New Jersey venue that housed acts from Nirvana to the New Marines (yeah, we know, check out New York’s oral history) goes out with a bang, with a block party whose lineup is shrouded in mystery. What we do know is that the Bongos are scheduled to play, and given the amount of talent that has been paying tribute in its final weeks, it’s sure to be a stellar lineup, fit for a stellar venue.

Closing 8/10; 50 W. 17th St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-691-0073
The Chelsea megabar and icon of gay nightlife where Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears have made appearances (also the setting for Cyndi Lauper’s “Into the Nightlife“) says good-bye to go-go boys on August 10. But they go out in style, with ten nights of celebration beginning on August 1. We’d expect nothing less.

Bar 4
Closing 8/15; 444 Seventh Ave., at 15th St., Park Slope; 718-832-9800
Next month, the music venue and Park Slope hub shutters after fourteen years, saying, “The neighborhood has changed, and so have we.” True words. They’re still working out the calendar for their final weeks, but they promise “homecomings, hugs, tears, pickle backs, and lots and lots of music.” And something called the LC Fest.

Closing 7/31; 200 Hudson St., nr. Canal St.; 212-601-1000
After only five years, the Tribeca offshoot of the uptown flagship is closing, to the disappointment of arts and entertainment lovers below 14th Street. Never fear: The institution has vowed to partner with downtown venues to keep our choices robust, but before then, catch one of the final events in the venue.

Last Chance