Here for the Game? Or the Flirting?

Photo: Michael Schmelling

1. Adam Szczesny
31, Murray Hill, investment banker
I went to Michigan State with Bryan. I really like Bryan’s wife, Rachel. Even though she’s a big Texas fan, she’s not as crazy as Pamela over there, who gets into plays and calls and stuff. She’s a huge LSU fan. These southern girls are insane about football.

2. Bryan Fingeroot
31, Tribeca, finance
Rachel and I met at a share house in Ocean Beach. I feel very lucky that I found someone who’s into football. Listen, I like to be entertaining, but I think at this point in my life, Rachel and I are the boring marrieds. Rachel and I drink together well. We both just get loud and happy.

3. Alex Estevez
27, Park Slope, IT support
I miss going to college-football games. I would wear body paint. Nothing too crazy, but definitely more than just on my face.

4. Rachel Fingeroot
30, Tribeca, finance
Bryan and I just got married in April. All of these people, except for Mike, who I just recently met, were at our wedding. I don’t think Bryan and I are boring; we still go out a few times a week. We don’t have the same kind of interesting dating stories that our friends do, I guess. Bryan’s been drinking a lot today. There was a girl with shots walking around. I’m not annoyed, though, because he’s a funny drunk.

5. Mike Wohl
27, Murray Hill, analyst
I’m here to grab a drink, watch the game, and I also wanted to check out this new bar, since I live around the corner. This is definitely not a setup or anything with these girls. I have a girlfriend. Don’t blow up my spot! I’m at about the midpoint of the night—I was out drinking earlier. I’m on the way to getting pretty drunk.

Photo: Michael Schmelling

1. Pamela Schultz
33, West Soho, lawyer
Bryan ran a summer share in Fire Island I did years ago, which is how I know him. Rachel, his wife, came out as a guest with me and Susan—that’s how she met Bryan. I’m single. But we’re here to watch football, not to pick up guys. Southern women tend to watch a lot more football than East Coast girls. I talk about football with my girlfriends. It sounds strange, but we do.

2. Susan Buchanan
30, Tribeca, hedge-fund controller
I’ve been watching football since 3 p.m. I’m okay, though; I’m not too drunk. The guys here are good to look at while you’re watching football—more to look at than to talk to. When Texas plays, I’m really into it. But Pamela is really, really into football. Really. Like, obsessively into it. Although Saturdays I have to watch the game, no matter where I am.

3. Aaron Thouvenin
29, Soho, IT project manager
One of my friends is a Texas alum, so I’m just here watching the game with her. New York is not really a college-sports town. But you have all these people who migrate here, and they bring their teams with them. If you go to a place where you have a bunch of different fans, it’s awesome. The whole time everybody’s cheering. I’m from Illinois, and so I crave friendliness.

4. Eric Dastmalchi
25, Clinton Hill, industrial designer
I came here with my girlfriend, Vanessa, because the Hill is her school’s alumni bar. I went to Auburn, and my game was earlier in the day. If our games coincide, we split up. We’ve been dating for seven months; I think our love of football played a role in our relationship. When we first met, there was a lot of trash talk about our respective teams. I wouldn’t say they were big fights, but we’ve had some interesting moments.

5. Vanessa Caballero
24, Upper East Side, H.R.
From August till the end of November, we’re at the bar watching football every weekend. Eric and I met at a party through a mutual friend. I don’t think I could date someone who didn’t love football. It sounds silly, but it’s such a big part of my life.

Here for the Game? Or the Flirting?