The Siren Festival: A Survival Guide

1. Skip Brunch

Bring as much bottled water as you can carry, and be sure to arrive early—just after noon is best—in order to stake your claim on a spot.

2. Pack a Hefty

Bring a trash bag to sit on or wear in case of rain.

3. Hold Your Ground . . .

Decide beforehand which stage’s lineup you prefer, and stick with that one—the streets will be jammed, and there’s no guarantee that bands will stick to the schedule anyway, so shuttling around won’t work. The main-stage lineup—featuring Scissor Sisters, the Stills, and Tapes ’n Tapes—is probably the one to camp out for.

4… . Unless There’s No Hope

If you arrive late, cut to the side and head straight for the stage in order to get as close as possible. If you’ve tried everything and the band is still a speck on the horizon, give up and head for Nathan’s or the Cyclone.

The Siren Festival: A Survival Guide