Wasting Away in Koreatown

Map and icons by Jason Lee

Bay Ridge

1. Start with whiskeys and burgers at all-the-way-Irish BallyBunion (9510 Third Ave.)

2. Now’s as good a time as any to take shots from the bartenders’ cleavage at the Panic Room (9427 Fifth Ave.)

3. Drunkenly swagger over to Texas-style Lonestar Bar & Grill (8703 Fifth Ave.)

4. Rock out to live bands—but please don’t rush the stage—at Full Moon Saloon (8309 Fifth Ave.)

Map and icons by Jason Lee

Prospect Heights

1. Order a well-mixed old-fashioned at Cornelius (565 Vanderbilt Ave.)

2. Stick with the top-shelf cocktails at Milk & Honey–inspired Weather Up (589 Vanderbilt Ave.)

3. Dance with abandon, claim a couch, or just lounge and smoke on the patio at Soda Bar (629 Vanderbilt Ave.)

4. Keep going with the beers-and-backyard theme at Washington Commons (748 Washington Ave.)

5. A good place to be sloppy: ex–Siberia owner’s new dive, Manhattans (769 Washington Ave.)

Map and icons by Jason Lee

East Village

1. Grab a grungy booth and throw back shots at Blue & Gold Tavern (79 E. 7th St.)

2. Make up elaborate stories about the bordello décor at Bourgeois Pig (111 E. 7th St.)

3. Wedge yourself into the tiny, table-less Desnuda (122 E. 7th St.)

4. Sake bombs are maybe not the best idea at this point, but do some anyway at Sake Bar Satsko (202 E. 7th St.)

5. Try not to spoil the sophisticated speakeasy atmosphere at Louis 649 (649 E. 9th St.)

Map and icons by Jason Lee


1. Quietly mull the jukebox options at neighborhood stalwart Seville Lounge (2121 Seventh Ave.)

2. Turn up the intensity a notch with classic blues and jazz at Showman’s Café (375 W. 125th St.)

3. Pause for some small-plates snacking at Nectar (2235 Frederick Douglass Blvd.)

4. Indulge in fruity drinks and impromptu end-of-the-night dancing at Moca Lounge (2210 Frederick Douglass Blvd.)

Map and icons by Jason Lee


1. Kick off festivities over kitschy, classic cocktails at the Mark Bar (1025 Manhattan Ave.)

2. Fall into the warm, inviting embrace of absinthe at Black Rabbit (91 Greenpoint Ave.)

3. Pop in for one of the near-nightly beer tastings at Brouwerij Lane (78 Greenpoint Ave.)

4. Quaff craft beers, then play shuffleboard at the Diamond (43 Franklin St.)

5. See what a Brooklyn dive is supposed to look like at Capri Social Club (156 Calyer St.)

6. Be unpredictable: Order late-night pomegranate martinis at Five Leaves (18 Bedford Ave.)

Map and icons by Jason Lee


1. Karaoke can come later; start with some pool at Space Billiards Inc. (34 W. 32nd St.)

2. Answer the question “What is a Korean-German beer bar?” at Baden Baden NY (28 W. 32nd St.)

3. Join the friendly, jazz-listening crowd at J’z (23 W. 32nd St.)

4. Be floored by the view from the roof of the La Quinta Inn at Mé Bar (17 W. 32nd St.)

5. Try soju served in carved-out watermelons at Pocha 32 Inc. (15 W. 32nd St.)

6. Relax with some wine and maybe some barbecue at Don’s Bogam (17 E. 32nd St.)

Wasting Away in Koreatown