The Only Good Thing About a Hangover

Photo: Hannah Whitaker

Cabbage Soup
An old favorite among Veselka’s hardest-living Ukrainian clientele. The secret? Sauerkraut, not raw cabbage, is what accounts for its restorative zing ($4.75; 144 Second Ave., at 9th St.; 212-228-9682).

Grilled-Cheese Sandwich
The Breslin’s signature sandwich has everything a recovering dipsomaniac could ask for: ham, four cheeses, and a nice farmhouse egg cooked into the center. You’ll be back at the bar in no time ($18; 16 W. 29th St., nr. Broadway; 212-679-1939).

Eight-Hour Tripe With Fried Eggs
Say what you will about tripe as a hangover cure. It beats a pickled sheep’s eye in a glass of tomato juice—the go-to remedy in Outer Mongolia. At Locanda Verde ($15; 377 Greenwich St., at N. Moore St.; 212-925-3797).

Roast-Beef Hash
Sure, you can get it in any diner. But why not let the professional meat men at Wollensky’s Grill fry up a premium plate of hash, topped with a poached egg and a blanket of hollandaise? ($21; 797 Third Ave., at 49th St.; 212-753-1530).

Singapore Kari Laksa
Nothing like a steaming bowl of coconut curry soup to take the edge off. Taste Good’s is a nourishing cornucopia of noodles, chicken, shrimp, fish cake, tofu skin, and egg, but the broth’s the thing ($5.75; 82-18 45th Ave., Elmhurst; 718-898-8001).

Skillet-poached eggs adrift in a jalapeño-and-garlic-spiked tomato ragout. Taboon has four savory versions—all ably assisted by the puffy house focaccia and a side order of the fragrant hot sauce, zhug ($13; 773 Tenth Ave., at 52nd St.; 212-713-0271).

Why bother with mac and cheese when there’s Korzo’s spätzle, a soothing if not soporific boiled potato dumpling drenched in creamy sheep’s-milk cheese and flecked with bacon and chives? ($9; 667 Fifth Ave., nr. 20th St., Park Slope; 718-285-9425).

The Only Good Thing About a Hangover