The 100 Single- Person Poll

Photo: Ashley Consiglio and Jackie Ladner for New York Magazine

Male: 50
Female: 50

Underage: 1
21–30: 76
31–40: 23

Sexual Orientation
Straight: 81
Gay: 12
Bisexual: 5
Other: 2

Single: 53
Dating but not committed: 12
In an open relationship: 1
In a committed relationship, but who knows?:32

How many nights a week do you go out to a bar or club?
1: 22
2: 30
3: 26
4: 11
5: 7
6: 1
Every night: 3

What’s the best neighborhood for singles?
Lower East Side: 38
Williamsburg: 23
Meatpacking district: 16
West Village: 12
Murray Hill: 5
East Village: 4
Hell’s Kitchen: 1
Anyplace in Brooklyn: 1

Which of the following people would you never hit on at a bar?
Roommates: 44
Hipsters: 25
Co-workers: 23
College students: 22
Cougars/silver foxes: 19
Twins: 18
No one is off-limits: 15

Do you use pickup lines?
Yes: 23
“As a joke”
No: 75

What’s the most memorable line, good or awful, you’ve ever heard?

“Him: ‘You want to hang out?’
Me: ‘I have a boyfriend.’
Him: ‘I have a cat.’
Me: ‘Huh?’
Him: ‘Oh, I thought we were talking about things we don’t care about.’

“Do you work for the House of Pancakes, because you’re stacked!”
“Smile if I have a chance.”
“Quisiera ser un caramelo para destracerme en tu boca.” [I wish that I were a caramel, so that I could dissolve in your mouth.]
“Nice shoes. Want to fuck?”
“Feel this material. [Woman feels fabric.] Boyfriend material.”
“Your eyes are the same color as my tractor.”
[Man pretending to be Ralph Lauren’s nephew, covering the polo logo on his shirt]: “Oh, dude, don’t look at my family crest!”
“I’m going off to war.”
“How much will you give me if your name’s tattooed on my ass?” [Tattoo reads your name]

How often do you give out your number?
Always: 14
Often: 13
Sometimes: 38
Never: 30
“Too much.”: 1

Will you actually call or text a random person you met at a bar?
“If they’d be good for business.”
Yes: 49
No: 50

If yes, has that ever resulted in a real relationship?
Yes: 27
“I got married.”
No: 20

Do you Facebook-friend him/her?
Always: 10
“Does stalking count?”
“And poke!”
Often 9
Sometimes 40
Never 39

How many drinks before “beer goggles” sets in?
1–3: 17
4–6: 48
7–9: 20
10+: 9
“I’ve got permanent beer goggles.”: 1

Which members of a bar staff have you hooked up with?
Bartender: 40
Waiter: 17
D.J.: 13
Dancer: 11
Bouncer: 5
Coat-check girl/guy: 4
Valet: 2
Manager: 2
Sommelier: 1
“The troubadour”: 1

Have you ever had a one-night stand with someone you’ve just met in a bar/club?
Yes: 57
No: 43

If yes, do you regret it?
Yes: 11
“Because I got videotaped.”
No: 46

Have you ever made out with more than one person in a night (at a bar)?
Yes: 62
No: 36
“I don’t remember.”: 1

If yes, how many?
2: 27
3: 13
4: 10
5: 11
“Actually, 10.”

What’s your stance on bar P.D.A.?
Gross, get a room.: 23
I don’t notice it.: 20
It’s fine. I also engage: 30
I love P.D.A.: It’s a sign of a good party: 18

Have you ever walked in on someone having sex in a bathroom?
Yes: 45
No: 53

Have you ever had sex in a public restroom?
Yes: 49
No: 50

• Pool Lounge
Tribeca Grand Hotel
Terminal 5
• Caddyshack
Nowhere Bar
Stonewall Inn
Hudson Hotel
• Marquis
• Level V
Park Bar
• “Some Chinese restaurant on Third Avenue.”

Where else in a bar have you hooked up?
At the bar: 73
On the dance floor: 56
On top of the bar: 20
In the VIP room: 22
Behind the D.J. booth: 19
Dining area: 1
Bar office 1

How about on the cab-ride home?
Yes: 63

Survey conducted on four nights in the East Village, Lower East Side, Murray Hill, Chelsea, and Williamsburg. Full disclosure: Many of the respondents were wasted. Reporting by Kat Ward, with Sam Dangremond, Jillian Goodman, and Cooper Marshall.

The 100 Single- Person Poll