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Fresh Drinking

From cruisey meat markets to an actual meat market, a spirited crawl through the city’s newest bars.


Williamsburg's This 'n' That  

The simple question “Where should we go for a drink?” has never been more fraught. Once you’ve decided on a neighborhood, there’s the inevitable rush of follow-up queries: Cocktail den or beer mecca? Cozy dive or glossy behemoth? A quiet spot to catch up with an old friend or a bumpin’ millennial meat market? Once you’ve settled on a place, then you have to figure out when to go, what to order; if you’re single, how to chat up the cute stranger next to you; and, when you’ve had your fill of a scene, where to take the party next. It’s enough to drive a New Yorker to, well, you know. Which is why, in the following pages, we’ve parsed the city’s ever-evolving bars-and-nightlife landscape, bringing to you the 80 destinations you should get to know right now. Plus, ten solid drinking hubs, Sichuan-spicy cocktails that’ll leave your lips numb, pickup tips only a perennial ambassador of courtship—the bartender—could offer, and more. Now, let’s try this again: Where should we go for a drink?

Reported by Joshua M. Bernstein, Julie Earle-Levine, Hannah Goldfield, Jillian Goodman, Robin Hilmantel, Molly Langmuir, Hugh Merwin, Jenny Miller, John Ortved, Andrew Parks, Stephanie Emma Pfeffer, Vanita Salisbury, Beth Shapouri, Celia Shatzman, Benjamin Solomon, Alexa Tsoulis-Reay, Katherine Ward, and Mary Jane Weedman.

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