Big in New York

Houston Hall in the West Village.Photo: Victor Prado/New York Magazine

The Well

Location: 272 Meserole St., nr. Waterbury St., Bushwick; 347-338-3612
The Big Idea:The beer-focused indoor-outdoor sister space of music venue the Wick opens May 26.
Square Footage: 16,000 square feet.
Ceiling Height: Twenty feet.
Seating: 327 seats, including fifteen at the bar.
Entertainment System: One nine-by-eleven-foot projector screen and five speakers.
Barware: 500-plus beer glasses and 200-plus shot glasses.
Drinks: 60 drafts and 200 bottles.
Sweet Relief: Three restrooms with nineteen stalls and six urinals.
Weekly Drafts: 162,688 ounces.

Die Koelner Bierhalle

Location: 84 St. Marks Pl., nr. Fourth Ave., Park Slope; 347-227-7238
The Big Idea: This former warehouse focuses strictly on German brews.
Square Footage: 4,000 square feet.
Ceiling Height: Twenty feet.
Seating: 200 seats, including fifteen at the bar.
Entertainment System: One 150-inch projector screen and six speakers.
Barware: 700 beer glasses and 100 shot glasses.
Drinks: 30 drafts and 50-plus bottles.
Sweet Relief: Two restrooms with three stalls and one urinal.
Weekly Drafts: 84,535 ounces.

Houston Hall

Location: 222 W. Houston St., nr. Seventh Ave. S.; 212-675-9323
The Big Idea: The all-draft menu at this brick-walled, heavily skylit sanctuary comes courtesy of Greenpoint Beer Works.
Square Footage: 8,000 square feet.
Ceiling Height: 26 feet.
Seating: 250 seats, including 22 at the bar.
Entertainment System: Two twelve-foot TV screens and 30 speakers.
Barware: 1,200 beer glasses and 350 shot glasses.
Drinks: Ten draft beers.
Sweet Relief: Three restrooms with seven stalls and four urinals.
Weekly Drafts: 316,800 ounces.

Greenwood Park

Location: 555 Seventh Ave., at 19th St., Park Slope; 718-499-7999
The Big Idea: This former mechanic shop turned beer garden has three bocce courts and the competitive drinkers to match.
Square Footage: 13,000 square feet.
Ceiling Height: Fifteen feet.
Seating: 200 seats outside and 75 inside.
Entertainment System: Eight TVs, including one 60-incher.
Barware: 5,000-plus Greenware plastic cups (per week).
Drinks: 24 drafts and twenty bottles.
Sweet Relief: One unisex restroom with six stalls.
Weekly Drafts: Around 99,200 ounces.

Hudson Common

Location: 356 W. 58th St., nr. Ninth Ave.; 212-554-6217
The Big Idea: Hudson Hotel’s newest offering is outfitted with long, dark wood tables, lush greenery, and string lighting galore.
Square Footage: 3,000 square feet.
Ceiling Height: 25 feet.
Seating: 161 seats, including eleven at the bar.
Entertainment System: Seven TVs, three 100-inch projection screens, and 22 speakers.
Barware: 300-plus beer glasses and 1,000 shot glasses.
Drinks: Sixteen drafts and 30 cans and bottles.
Sweet Relief: Two bathrooms with three stalls each.
Weekly Drafts: 48,125 ounces.

Big in New York