For Your Hangover

Vitamin B Infusion:
Surgeon-by-day Dr. Adam Nadelson ( will come to you (or send a nurse-practitioner in his place) and administer a customized IV with anti-nausea and heartburn medication, plus B-12 shots ($199 to $249).

“One of our latest calls was from a group of eight real-estate execs who were coming down from an all-night bender in a beautiful Soho apartment. They each had their own Chihuahua. We sent a team of nurses—they had a brunch they couldn’t miss.”

Tech Support:
IT guy Michel Lavache (iphonedrnyc@gmail­.com; 973-996-8083) will meet you in a coffee shop and fix your shattered iPhone in about 15 minutes (iPhone 4 and 4S screens: $45; iPhone 5: $80; iPhone 5S: $110).

“I do most of my work on weekends. It’s not great for my social life: An ex-girlfriend of mine would get annoyed—people would call at two or three in the morning, and I’d just answer, then meet them the next day. They’re usually so embarrassed.”

Emergency Spray Tan:
Miriam Gersh, director of Glam on the Go NY (, revives the ashen skin and under-eye circles of clients wearing the adverse effects of alcohol.

“I recently rushed to downtown Brooklyn to help a really hung-over Morgan Stanley employee. When I arrived, I thought she was dead; she looked like a zombie. She couldn’t show up for work like that. We gave her lash extensions and a spray tan.”

For Your Hangover