Down to the Last Salvaged Boardwalk Plank

Photo: Amy Lombard

1. “That was a happy accident,” says co-owner Jay Schneider of the curved ironwork, which hOmE—brothers Evan and Oliver Haslegrave—replicated for the staircase. “It was the only thing we kept from the original design.”

2. Out came the sad spiral staircase, in went custom-built steps made with oak planks. Both the herringbone landing and mezzanine floor are chestnut.

3. The most Instagrammed thing in the whole place? The custom chandelier, a five-tier fixture cut from copper water pipe and suspended from the central skylight.

4. “What started out as my least favorite thing turned into my favorite,” says co-owner Scott Schneider of these load-bearing pipes that the Haslegraves turned into abstract columns.

5. The barroom floor is Carrara marble set in a herringbone pattern atop slab concrete (and the hideous yellow-brick road left behind by the previous tenant).

6. Chandelier aside, the other pièce de résistance is the bar itself: massive eight-foot slabs of Carrara marble that altogether run about 35 feet in length. The back of the bar is framed by wood salvaged from the Atlantic City boardwalk.

7. “Every person that comes in here thinks there’s a VIP room behind that mirror,” says Scott. “If you could see what’s actually behind there, you would not think it’s cool.”

8. “We’re very proud of the curved marble border on the mirror,” says Oliver Haslegrave. “It looks simple but was hard to engineer.” Copper piping helps protect the edges of the shelves while reflecting the moody lighting.

Down to the Last Salvaged Boardwalk Plank