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Karen Rosenberg

December 13, 2004 | Feature
Conversation: John Leland and Maurice Berger

When white kids with no personal experience of black America play up their own skin color much as they’ve embraced black music and humor, and then distance themselves with a dose of irony, a lively cultural moment must be unfolding.

November 29, 2004 | Feature
Show and Tell: Chloe Piene

Most heavy-metal concerts don’t start at 9 A.M. on Sunday, but Chloe Piene managed to draw a crowd of 250 to hear the Brooklyn band Candiria.

November 29, 2004 | Art Review
Reeling in the Years

Eccentric and deliberately naïve, Hans-Peter Feldmann turns snapshots into sharpshooting.

November 22, 2004 | Feature
A Controversy Over ‘Empire’

At eight hours, Andy Warhol’s 1964 film Empire is something that one watches, as its creator said, “to see time go by.”

November 22, 2004 | Feature
Conversation: Lisa Yuskavage And Tamara Jenkins

When artist Lisa Yuskavage was preparing a book of small paintings of sexualized young women, she invited a close friend, Slums of Beverly Hills director Tamara Jenkins, to write an introduction.

November 8, 2004 | Feature
Paul Pfeiffer

Double Show At The Project And Gagosian November 5 Through December 18

November 8, 2004 | Feature
A Dresden Drinking Game

Those Delta Upsilons playing Quarters have nothing on the Electors of Saxony.

November 1, 2004 | Everything Guide to Chocolate
The Dark Art

Some people say there’s no such thing as unappetizing chocolate, but contemporary artists beg to differ.

October 18, 2004 | Travel
Since the Last Time You Were in . . . London

This fall, British tongues are wagging about Kevin Spacey’s theater exploits, the cool new vibe of Hackney, and a giant phallic symbol on the skyline.

September 13, 2004 | Intelligencer
The Accidental Historian

Artist Wolfgang Staehle inadvertently recorded the 9/11 attacks during his last show. His new exhibit: mostly landscapes.