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Evan S. Schwartz

Policyholders Insurance Recovery, Claims, and Lawsuits

Handling claims and litigation involving disputes with insurance companies for more than 25 years, Evan Schwartz and his team of seasoned attorneys protects the rights of policyholders who have disputes with their insurance companies, in both first party insurance and third-party insurance claims. When your business has a problem with its general liability, directors and officers liability, employer practices liability, professional liability, or cyber liability insurance company, the team at Schwartz Law knows how to and efficiently executes a plan to ensure that your business gets the coverage you paid for. When you as an individual has a problem with a long-term disability, long-term care, health, life or AD&D insurance policy, Schwartz Law takes the insurance company to task and gets results, time and time again.

At Schwartz Law, we are always making insurance companies keep their promises.

The Chanin Building, 122 East 42nd Street, Suite 725,
New York, New York 10168
PH: 212.608.5445 |