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Lindstadt Law PLLC

Standing Apart From the Rest.

Michael A. Lindstadt, Esq.  

Lindstadt Law levels the playing field for injury victims and their families, who are disadvantaged against insurance companies and their lawyers. Following a disabling and weakening injury, victims and their families are immediately faced with multiple unexpected problems and issues. Insurance companies and their lawyers use various tactics to avoid liability and save as much money as possible, regardless of the defendant’s fault or the damage they cause to others.

Like many of us, Michael A. Lindstadt himself endured multiple heartbreaking experiences wherein family members were caused to suffer serious injuries. Personal experiences such as these created passions in Michael for justice, finding the truth, and protecting the injured. As a trial lawyer who once represented companies, hospitals and cities, Michael Lindstadt levels the playing field with both his experience representing both sides of litigation in various areas of personal injury, and the traits and values he brought into the profession - honesty, loyalty, hard work and care. These values, along with hard-fought legal experience, are what drive Michael and make him both persuasive and successful.

“The most disheartening part of my job is assigning a monetary value to my client’s pain and suffering. I don’t see a multi-figure result as a measure of my skill or as if I had won the lottery for someone. The lives of these individuals will never again be the same and no monetary amount will ever replace what they have lost. There are many cases wherein the other side minimizes the client’s injury, claims the injury existed before the accident, or that the client themselves are responsible for their injuries. Instances when the insurance company refuses to settle the matter for any amount at all, regardless of its merit, and gives the client no alternative but to go to trial. Many firms shy away from these cases. We don’t push off clients whose problems don’t fit perfectly within our practice. These cases take more skill as an attorney and more care as a person to be successful. This is where Lindstadt Law stands apart from the rest.”

Michael began practicing law at Kopff Nardelli & Dopf, LLP, at the time one of Manhattan’s premier medical malpractice defense firms, where he represented doctors and hospitals such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering and Lenox Hill Hospital. Thereafter Michael expanded his areas of practice to construction law. In 2009 he made the switch from representing defendant hospitals, companies and municipalities, to representing plaintiffs and everyday people. He then helped oversee the litigation department of a successful plaintiffs’ personal injury firm in the Bronx, and there developed his presence in the Bronx community.

In 2012, Michael began his solo career, and in addition to representing his own clients, was retained as trial counsel by other lawyers and law firms. In 2014 Lindstadt Law PLLC opened its office in the Bronx, in addition to offices in Manhattan, Queens, White Plains and Long Island.

Michael makes it a point to counsel each one of his clients as to their unique situations, exploring the pros and cons of the issues at hand, and developing a plan of action - many times not only to the case, but to their lives and families as a whole. Cases accepted by Lindstadt Law are handled by Michael from inception to conclusion, so matters don’t get lost amongst hundreds of other files and attorneys like other firms.

Michael prides himself on honesty, loyalty, experience, hard work and care.

Lindstadt Law PLLC
3867 East Tremont Avenue
Bronx, New York 10465