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Ogen & Sedaghati, P.C.

Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents & Premises Cases

Natalie Sedaghati & Eitan Ogen  

The team of Natalie Sedaghati and Eitan Ogen have an impressive proven record of multiple 7-figure and 6-figure verdicts and settlements, many for non-surgical, “soft tissue” disputed cases with problematic liability scenarios. Once again, several of their cases have been honored in this year’s Leaders publication. Both partners have been selected as Super Lawyers numerous times–a designation awarded annually to only the top 5% of attorneys in New York–and are Members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Additionally, Natalie Sedaghati was one (1) of only nine (9) female attorneys selected as a Super Lawyer in New York in the practice area of Personal Injury. They have also been featured in NY Magazine, Newsweek’s Top Leaders in Personal Injury, as well as Fox 5 News, UPN 9 News, Montel Williams Show, NY Times, NY Daily News and NY Post for their very successful and unprecedented litigation in high profile cases.

$4.25 Million Settlement for disc herniations with surgery. Defendants argued no tow, no ER, claimant returned to work, and surgery was not related to accident as claimed injuries were pre-existing.

$2.76 Million Settlement for 63-year-old man for degenerative neck and back injuries. Low impact/minor property damage accident.

$2.5 Million Jury Verdict against MTA/NYC Transit, for a shoulder impingement (no tear) with arthroscopic surgery resulting from MVA, and disputed disc bulge. Defendant’s doctors testified there was nothing wrong. MTA’s initial offer was $2,500. 2nd highest verdict for a motor vehicle/case in 2011.

$2.45 Million Settlement for low-speed, minimal impact, disputed liability MVA. Client had nearly identical degenerative MRI findings prior to the accident. Defendants’ doctors disputed any causality necessity of any surgery/treatment, as client had returned to work after MVA, and resolved. Zurich previously had maintained a no-pay position.

$1.8 Million Settlement for 54 year old immigrant who claimed slip and fall on ice/snow in parking lot. Defendant claimed no defective condition, parking lot was impeccably plowed, she was responsible for her own fall, she suffered no causally related injuries as all of her conditions were pre-existing and degenerative, she had made a good recovery. (6th largest NY premises settlement in 2016.)

$1.6 Million Jury Verdict for pedestrian involved in MVA with taxi. Defendants argued that plaintiff walked into side of the taxi. Jury awarded 100% liability against the Defendants. Plaintiff alleged a disc bulge and shoulder tear. Defendants’ doctors argued that MRIs showed no injuries and that plaintiff had soft tissue injuries which had fully resolved. American Transit’s offer was $40,000. Appellate court sustained verdict in its entirety, one of largest for this type of injury. Judgment with interest exceeds $2 Million.

$1.5 Million Settlement involving a rental car company in a one car accident, with only a minimum $25,000 policy. Nevertheless, we successfully pursued the rental car company, who denied they were liable to pay anything additional, due to Graves Amendment.

$1.375 Million Jury Verdict for unemployed man in soft-tissue MVA, knee arthroscopy case with no damage, no ER, minimal treatment. Defendants’ doctors testified plaintiff’s examination and MRIs were normal, with degeneration. Client had a prior injury and surgery to same body part. Defendants argued he was not even in the vehicle.

$1.3 Million Settlement, full policy tender, for 50-year-old undocumented housekeeper in minimal impact MVA ($638 property damage), no injuries reported at scene, waited 1 month to see a doctor (while continuing to work), gaps in treatment, MRI showed bulging disc. USAA’s offer was $7,500 arguing surgery was unnecessary and unrelated.

$1 Million Settlement full policy limits, plus full “Medical-Payment” policy tender, for a disputed liability case involving a burned hand. Hospital records showed inconsistency in client’s version of accident. Client was working, and defense liability doctor said she had made a good recovery.

$1 Million Settlement Policy limit obtained in Queens County settlement for 2 immigrants, Defendants argued that all injuries were degenerative and resolved.

$877,000 Jury Verdict 2 vehicle accident contested case with no complaints of pain at scene, no ER. Saw doctor 1 week later, with minimal treatment, then arthroscopic surgery 2 years later. Defendants’ doctor opined that he was not injured and had a prior accident with same injuries. State Farm’s offer was $30,000; State Farm paid more than double its policy limits.

$850,000 Pre-Discovery Settlement for Estate of 58 year old man who died while on railroad tracks. Recovery was questionable as economic damages were low and conscious pain and suffering recovery was unavailable as he had died instantaneously. Settlement was in addition to over half a million dollars in other benefits and payouts received by the Estate’s beneficiaries.

$825,000 Pre-Discovery Settlement for 53 year old immigrant who claimed she tripped and fell on a carpet at Defendant’s supermarket. She continued shopping, did not report the accident until 1 month later, and did not go to the hospital. Plaintiff had multiple falls in the years prior to the accident for which she was actively treating up until the very day of the accident for same body parts. Defendants claimed there was no proof the accident happened, or of defect, all of her injures pre-existed her accident, and there was no change in her physical condition from prior to the accident. (10th largest NY Premises case settlement in 2016.)

$750,000 Settlement for bicyclist where 3 independent witnesses testified against him and blamed him completely. 80% liability obtained against driver. Injury was resolved finger fracture and shoulder arthroscopy.

$600,000 Jury Verdict for unemployed convicted felon. No complaints of pain at scene, no ER, returned to physical work. Defendants’ experts opined that he was not injured. Defendants established Plaintiff lied on stand, that his initial doctor (prior to retaining our office) had been accused of misconduct, and employer testified he did heavy duty labor. Defense showed photos confirming minimal property damage, no cars towed. Original offer: $3,000.

$550,000 Settlement for MVA with very minimal property damage, with disputed disc injury, there were no lost wages, and with multiple subsequent accidents

$1.3 Million Jury Verdict for soft tissue, non-surgical disputed herniated disc MVA, where Defendants denied liability, plaintiff had minimal treatment, no lost wages. Defendants’ doctors testified their exams were normal. Defendants argued he had the same injury from a prior MVA, which he failed to reveal to his doctors. State Farm valued case at $50,000.

$1.2 Million Jury Verdict for soft tissue, non-surgical herniated disc MVA case, Defendants denied liability. No lost wages and minimal treatment. Defendants’ doctors testified Plaintiff’s exam and films were normal. Award was one of the highest ever for pain and suffering only for a single, nonsurgical disc. App. Div. sustained $700,000, one of the largest amounts sustained ever for such injury. NJ Manufacturers valued case at $7,500. Bad faith lawsuit successfully settled for amount significantly above policy limits.

$960,000 Judicial Award for 37-year-old driver with non-surgical bulging discs, minimal property damage.

$850,000 Jury Verdict for unemployed man in a soft tissue, nonsurgical, disputed, degenerative herniated disc MVA case, minimal property damage, no ER, no lost wages. Plaintiff first sought care with a chiropractor 9 days later, with minimal treatment. American Transit valued case at $6,000.

$500,000 Settlement for non-surgical bulging and herniated disc. Defendant’s doctors stated Plaintiff’s exams were normal, that he was capable of working, his soft tissue injuries were degenerative, and resolved.

$425,000 Settlement in MVA where Defendants argued that Plaintiff sustained soft tissue injuries which had resolved, her medical exams were normal, and she was working. Recovery was 30 times greater than that of another passenger in her vehicle, with similar injuries, but represented by another attorney.

$350,000 Settlement in MVA with no visible property damage, disputed liability, no police report, no lost wages claim against Defendant, bulging disc, and no surgery even recommended. Carrier initially valued case at $15,000.

$300,000 SUM Arbitration Award (full policy limits) in non-surgical herniated disc (contested), minimal property damage case, no complaints at scene, no ambulance, no lost wages, large unexplained gaps in treatment, and normal exams by insurance doctors. GEICO’s top offer was $7,500.

$900,000 Settlement in a case involving an employee injured on the job (ordinarily barred from suing the employer), wherein we successfully sued the tenant (a related corporate entity). St. Paul had a no-pay position.

$600,000 Settlement following liability jury verdict in disputed liability case, where client was injured while working. The landlord, denied any liability. Jury awarded 100% liability against landlord. Greater NY had no-pay position.

$450,000 Settlement for an employee who injured hand on the job (ordinarily barred from suing the employer), wherein we successfully sued employer’s related corporate entities. Zurich had a no-pay position.

$11 Million Lawsuit against Madison Square Garden given go ahead to proceed by Court in widely publicized case where fan was struck by a hockey puck at MSG. (Precedent-setting case in NY)

Appeals Court Triples Award for Plaintiff’s soft tissue injuries in a minor impact accident where Defendant disputed that Plaintiff suffered a causally related “serious injury.” Appellate Court added additional $300,000 to the verdict. The total recovered, with interest and costs, exceeded $550,000. GEICO originally valued the case at $7,500.

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