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Robinson & Yablon, PC

Andrew M. Laskin, Joel H. Robinson, Lawrence T. Yablon.  

When Joel Robinson and Larry Yablon founded Robinson & Yablon, they looked around at the existing law firm model and realized it would be easy to distinguish themselves. Larry & Joel envisioned and then created a firm where clients know they are never alone, where their questions are always answered, their calls always taken — a place where everybody knows their name.

Robinson & Yablon is not a “volume practice”. They keep their caseload limited so clients are never just a number but rather individual people, each with their own story to tell. Joel, Larry, and their partner Andy Laskin are the consummate New York trial team. While not all cases go to trial, Joel explains, “We prepare every case as though it will go the distance, and that focus, effort, and perseverance begins the moment the client walks in the door.”

While Robinson & Yablon is a small firm, its results and proven record of justice rivals firms much larger in size. Robinson & Yablon takes on the challenging cases, whether they involve construction sites, multinational corporations, dangerous products, victims of horrible crimes, automobile and premises negligence. Assisted by a team of experts, consultants and a support staff that is second to none, Robinson & Yablon never shies away from a battle, even the toughest ones.

After their clients, Robinson & Yablon’s greatest compliments come from former adversaries. Indeed, a law firm makes a name for itself by the difficult cases it takes on and the arsenal it amasses to fight for the rights of those who cannot protect themselves. When a defense attorney receives a case with Robinson & Yablon on the other side, that lawyer knows to brace for nothing short of a full court press.

“Not only do we work hard and win, we do so far quicker than our competitors. While other firms often hear the complaint ‘Why is my case taking so long?’, our clients are amazed by both the size of their monetary awards and the speed with which they are achieved,” according to Larry.

As Andy explains, “When a person is injured due to the negligence of another, regardless of whether the case is big or small, the client deserves the attention, respect and passion of the lawyers they hired—all of them. Our clients never forget the day they put their fate in Robinson & Yablon’s capable hands.”

Joel & Larry’s vision has become reality. Robinson & Yablon is that unique law firm – the one with the lawyers who work tirelessly for their clients, ready to support them at any time, day or night.

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Robinson & Yablon, PC
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New York, NY 10016
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