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Logan Hill

March 1, 2004 | The DVD Filter
Matchstick Men on DVD

New this week: Matchstick Men, The Missing, Pieces of April, and more.

February 23, 2004 | The DVD Filter
Runaway Jury on DVD

Out this week: Runaway Jury, Mambo Italiano, The Damned, and more.

February 16, 2004 | Top Five
New Film Festivals

Multiplex movies are bombing in clusters—duck and cover at these festivals.

February 16, 2004 | The DVD Filter
Sylvia on DVD

This week's DVD releases: Sylvia, The Cry of Jazz, Wonderland, and more.

February 9, 2004 | The DVD Filter
Lost in Translation on DVD

New this week: Lost in Translation, Ed Wood: Special Edition, Cyclo, and more.

February 2, 2004 | Top Five
Books on Film

Done with Down and Dirty Pictures? Five more film volumes go into wide release.

February 2, 2004 | The DVD Filter
New on DVD

New this week: In the Cut, Capturing the Friedmans, and more.

January 19, 2004 | Intelligencer
Rated XXX (for Language)

A new book on Harvey and other indie-film stars.

January 19, 2004 | The DVD Filter
New on DVD

On DVD this week: Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Swimming Pool, Cabin Fever, Buffalo Soldiers, Manny & Lo, Spellbound, thirteen

January 5, 2004 | Movies
New on DVD: Week of January 5, 2004

New DVD releases for the week of January 5, 2003.