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Ariel Levy

December 23, 2002 | Classic New York
The Single Girl

The city will always have its Carrie Bradshaws, writes Ariel Levy, so the rest of us can feed off her glamour.

December 16, 2002 | Feature
Carb Panic

More and more New Yorkers are deserting their laborious low-fat regimens and gleefully dropping pounds while gorging on steak and bacon. What now strikes fear in their hearts: the bread basket. Welcome to a city in the throes of CARB PANIC

September 30, 2002 | music2002
Spotlight: Fresh Fruit

Lewd folk-punk in costumes? Who'd have thunk the Moldy Peaches would be so good?

August 25, 2002 | Feature
Alexander The Great

On the day his new flagship store opened in the meatpacking district, Alexander McQueen found time for a light lunch at the Park with his friend Liv Tyler, with whom he shares a passion for the city and a persistent craving for nicotine. Ariel Levy sits in.

July 22, 2002 | Feature
Makeup Breakup

Celebrity stylist Kevyn Aucoin was adored by just about everyone he touched. Actresses, models, lovers, and former lovers -- all became part of his eccentric extended family, but none was able to stop the downward spiral of drugs he took to deal with chronic pain. A story of love, death, and makeup.

May 6, 2002 | Feature
Left out

Liberal Jews and Palestinians struggle to make their voices heard -- and to say the right things.

February 11, 2002 | Feature
Serious Fun

So much for sex in the age of conspicuous consumption. since september 11, more New Yorkers want marriages, fewer are having casual sex, and many are happier with their dating lives. Maybe less is more.

February 11, 2002 | Profile
The Blonde Who's Had More Fun

Candace Bushnell, the real-life alter ego of Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw, has been a princess of the New York night since the days of Studio 54. Why spoil that with a husband?

August 27, 2001 | Feature
A Model Act

With three new films on the way, Shalom Harlow is taking her flair for the theatrical off the runways and onto the big screen. Here she takes a star turn in this season's Russian costume drama.

May 7, 2001 | Feature
I, Mack

Macaulay Culkin's new play, Madame Melville, is about a man reflecting on the searing experiences of his youth. But Culkin's own childhood was infinitely stranger. Now, at age 20, he looks back.