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Tobi Tobias

May 17, 2010 | Feature
La Révolution

A new documentary recalls the moment, 50 years ago, when Breathless blew up.

December 7, 2009 | Feature
The Cinemascope Spectacular of Books

A volume big and obsessive enough to contain Stanley Kubrick’s never-made masterpiece, Napoleon.

January 27, 1975 | Feature
How Tall Is Robert Redford Really?

“…Is it possible that a movie star can walk among millions of fans and conceal his height? His age, maybe—but his height?...”

February 2, 1975
How to Invest Your Last $10,000

". . . I will keep most of my own money in a ridiculously diversified portfolio of unglamorous securities. Now, about you . . ."

August 12, 2002 | Dance Review
Crown Jewels

The Kirov Ballet

July 15, 2002 | Dance Review
Eight Is Enough

New York City Ballet

June 24, 2002 | Dance Review
Dream Works

American Ballet Theatre

June 17, 2002 | Dance Review
Academy Rewards

School of the Paris Opera Ballet
At the John Jay College Theater.
School of American Ballet

May 27, 2002 | Dance Review
Heir Craft

Indisputably Martha Graham
Batsheva Dance Company

April 29, 2002 | Dance Review
After Midnight

Ballet Tech