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Alex Williams

May 24, 2004 | Feature
The Perfectionist Gets Burned

How Thomas Keller survived the fire that almost took down Per Se, Manhattan’s, um, hottest new restaurant.

April 19, 2004 | Intelligencer
Aaron Boone's Down Season

How is the ex-Yank coping now that baseball’s back?

March 22, 2004 | Intelligencer
Found and Lost

After the discovery of his body, Spalding Gray’s wife talks about what she’ll miss most—and how she had already begun to say good-bye.

March 8, 2004 | Real Estate 2004
Spore War

New York has all the right conditions for a mold outbreak: middle-age buildings, lots of lawyers—and Bianca Jagger as toxic avenger.

February 2, 2004 | Feature
Vanishing Act

We’re all familiar with Spalding Gray’s demons—venting his despair was his art and profession. But after a crippling car crash in 2001, his depression began to overwhelm him. So when he went missing earlier this month, after several previous suicide attempts, his wife, children, and friends were left to fear the worst.

January 12, 2004 | Feature
It's Their Party

And they’ll write checks if they want to. Young Republicans in New York—a besieged bunch—are feeling feisty. Emboldened by Bush, and undeterred by Bush-bashers, they’re even talking about turning the Upper West Side into (gasp) GOP country.

October 27, 2003 | Feature
Back to the Future

A talented, championship-caliber sports team in the heart of Brooklyn? No, it’s not nostalgia. Developer Bruce Ratner is angling to bring a basketball team to a Frank Gehry–designed arena on Atlantic Avenue. Good-bye, Dodgers. Hello, Nets.

September 22, 2003 | Feature
Mr. Grove Goes to New York

D.C.’s gossiper-in-chief takes on “Page Six.”

September 15, 2003 | Feature
Bait and Switch

Bonnie Fuller is fishing for talent—and she’s loaded! S. I. Newhouse, watch your back.

July 21, 2003 | Feature
So You Want To Be A Writer?

Tips on how to score that big writing gig.