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Robert Kolker

August 9, 1999 | Feature
3BR, Riv Vu, Dirt-Cheap, Scary . . .
July 26, 1999 | Feature
Return Fire

The Brooklyn gun-case lawyers take aim again -- as NAACP sharpshooters.

July 12, 1999 | Feature
The High Cost of Leaving

With rent control and stabilization at death's door, landlords are giving tenants damn near anything they want to just scram.

June 28, 1999 | Feature
Tootsie Cop

Club Edelweiss skirted the police for years. But there was something about Cindy. . .

June 14, 1999 | Feature

The first step in Rudy's Senate run? Make peace with the media.

June 7, 1999 | Feature
Best-Laid Plans

Thirty years later, a quixotic city scheme looks prescient -- except for that extra airport

May 31, 1999 | Profile
Good-bye, Mr. Snips
May 24, 1999 | Feature
Beyond the Fringe

A stage fight breaks out downtown.

May 3, 1999 | Class Action
Tutoring Tycoons

With the Principal for a Day program -- and a lot of friendly strong-arming -- Lisa Belzberg is getting the power elite to do its public-school work.

April 26, 1999 | Profile
A Born Liter: RFK Jr. Bottles a Cause