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Mark Jacobson

April 21, 2003 | Feature
Can I Read Your Mind?

Who are those mysterious women in their storefronts, beckoning you in to meet your future? Are they con artists? And more important: Do they know what they are talking about? One writer's exploration.

April 7, 2003 | New York Magazine's 35th Anniversary
Times Up

Times Square’s sin and vice and squalor helped define the New York experience. They still do. In our minds.

April 7, 2003 | New York Magazine's 35th Anniversary
B-Ball Fabulous

Walt Frazier and the birth of hoop cool.

December 23, 2002 | Classic New York
The Mean Street

The enduring frisson of the slums.

December 23, 2002 | Classic New York
The NYC Top 40

Jimi Hendrix, the Village People, the Sex Pistols, Bob Dylan...the forty songs about New York City.

October 21, 2002 | Feature
Nature Boy

Walton Ford's fabulously detailed, Audubon-on-Viagra watercolors have been flying off gallery walls -- even if most of his audience is baffled by the peculiar birds and beasts that populate his paintings, and the darkly funny (and disturbing) stuff they're up to. The artist, as it turns out, is just as unconventional as his work.

September 30, 2002 | music2002
The Icon: Doll Face

David Johansen, the protean performer behind the New York Dolls and Buster Poindexter, reinvents himself once more.

September 8, 2002 | Fall Preview
Rio Bravo

Brazil's Caetano Veloso gets some northern exposure.

August 19, 2002 | Feature
What Makes Budd Run?

The latest dockside showdown between hoods and cops brings Budd Schulberg -- whose On the Waterfront defined one era in New York and whose What Makes Sammy Run? defined another in Hollywood -- back to the scene of the crimes.

July 15, 2002 | Cityside
Broadway Sosa

Boys don't sew. In the South Bronx, boys definitely don't sew. But Emilio Sosa did, and now he's one of the hottest costume designers in New York theater.