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John Lombardi

July 21, 2008 | Feature
Death by Gonzo

No one was more ambivalent about his own legend than Hunter Thompson.

January 7, 2008 | Feature
Dion DiMucci, Teen Idol

A seminal Bronx rocker, inspiration for Lou Reed and Springsteen, is coming back to his roots.

January 17, 2005 | Feature
The Dumbest Don

John Gotti thought his brother Pete was a dope but still made him acting boss. How the Gottis imploded— And why the Feds will miss them.

August 16, 2004 | Profile
Defending Joel Steinberg

Who planned Joel Steinberg’s O.J.-like white-limo ride back from prison? His lawyer, Darnay Hoffman, who’s represented Bernie Goetz and is married to Sidney Biddle Barrows. Now he’s presiding over a new media circus. And in his first interview, Steinberg chillingly maintains his innocence.

April 19, 1999 | Cityside
Don Cry for Me

What John Gotti didn't screw up, his crude son John Jr. did. No more the obedient scion, however, Junior cut a deal including hard time -- a brazen declaration of independence.

August 17, 1998 | Cityside
The Goodfather

Gotti attorney and new father Bruce Cutler has ratcheted down his rhetoric. But can a mob lawyer change his spots (if not his suits)?

January 12, 1998 | Profile
Scenes From a Bad Movie Marriage

When Lorraine Bracco dumped Harvey Keitel for Edward James Olmos, taking their daughter with her, it made Keitel mad. And when Olmos was accused of sexual misconduct, it made him really mad. And Keitel is not a man you want to make mad.