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Michael Gross

January 22, 2010 | Features
James Ray Defends Himself

The self-help guru—and sweat lodge homicide suspect—ends his silence in this exclusive interview.

June 16, 2008 | Feature
The Falls Guy

Olafur Eliasson has seduced Mike Bloomberg with a spectacle to rival The Gates.

January 31, 2000 | The City Politic
Girls Interrupted

In the wake of a scathing documentary about the modeling business, Elite's John Casablancas, a legendary Lothario, is preaching reform. Talk about strange bedfellows.

December 13, 1999 | Feature
Trouble In Splitsville

As matrimonial law grows ever more complex, getting out of a marriage requires a very good lawyer. Someone who can keep you out of the tabloid glare -- or put your spouse in it. And someone who can understand your suffering. New York's top divorce lawyers feel your pain. And they're crying all the way to the bank.

March 15, 1999 | Feature
Shadow Warrior: Howard Rubenstein's Life in Conflict

You can find him just offstage during many of New York's most vicious tabloid battles, and whispering in the ears of mayors and megadevelopers. Howard Rubenstein has amassed as much power as a P.R. man can have. But power in the service of what?

October 19, 1998 | The Body Politic
Really Unzipped

For ten years, Isaac Mizrahi was fashion's master showman. But when Chanel backed out last month, it was plain for all to see: The emperor sold no clothes.

August 10, 1998 | Feature
Was the Nanny a Natasha?
August 10, 1998 | Feature
From Russia with Sex

Free of both Communist shackles and Western hypocrisy (but dripping designer labels), a pack of avaricious Natashas is infiltrating New York's social life. Gentlemen, watch your wallets.

February 2, 1998 | Feature
Social Life in a Blender

Relentlessly commercialized and propelled by aggressive publicists, the A-list party world is spinning out of control (and Mrs. Astor is spinning in her grave). Some charter members are even beginning to resist the hard sell. But what if they gave a party and no socialites came?