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George Kalogerakis

March 25, 2002 | Feature
Here's a New Mrs. Robinson
March 18, 2002 | Feature
Auto Erotica

Don't confuse Alfonso Cuarón's smart and sexy new road movie, Y Tu Mamá También, with a dopey Hollywood teen film packed with horny boys and half-naked girls . . . not that it doesn't have plenty of those, too.

February 18, 2002 | Feature
Mind Games

If you think you know Jennifer Connelly, think again. In A Beautiful Mind, the former teen heartthrob emerges as a mature, A-list actress. And at home in New York, she's a very un-Hollywood kind of star -- with a natural, untouched glamour all her own.

December 17, 2001 | Feature
A Seat at Bob's Table

The buzz is good, the cast is stellar, and the legendary director of Nashville and The Player is back in business with a new film, Gosford Park. Dare Robert Altman contemplate a hit? "Be still my heart," he murmurs.

December 10, 2001 | Feature
His Guitar Gently Weeps
June 25, 2001 | Feature
6 Extreme Homes

Hamptons Living

November 13, 2000 | Feature
Man Vs. Beach

You say your idea of fun involves lying in the sun sipping caipirinhas? No contest. But a goal can raise your downtime to a higher level. Our writer takes on four island paradises, each offering a challenge, from windsurfing to sous-chefing. Who says self-improvement and hedonism don't mix?

October 2, 2000 | Feature
Tabloid Hunter

After grilling half the reporters in town, Oliver Platt thinks he's ready to play a journalist on TV. So who's asking the questions here, anyway?

September 11, 2000 | Feature
Fall Preview: Crowe About It

Before Cameron Crowe was a Hollywood (writer-director of Jerry Maguire, etc.) potentate, he was a rock-journalist prodigy. And his new film Almost Famous proves he's one of those rare people who experienced the seventies who can actually remember them.

June 28, 1999 | Feature
Gorillas in our Midst

Being a celebrity gorilla isn't easy. But with the help of a posh new African-style habitat, a new flame, and his family, the Bronx Zoo's Timmy is getting his life together.