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Maura Egan

March 20, 2000 | Feature
Restaurants: Turning the Tables

Have restaurateurs come up with their own Zagat -- for patrons?

March 20, 2000 | Gotham Style
Golf Edition: ForeSight

From the fairway to the runway, golf swings

February 21, 2000 | Feature
Slim Gyms

Pilates trainers swear you'll lose the love handles, stand up straighter, maybe even grow an inch -- but first you have to strap yourself into something called the Reformer.

January 17, 2000 | Feature
Betts Intentions

Smart, quirky, and supremely self-assured, Kate Betts is remaking Harper's Bazaar in her own image. But can fashion's youngest editor escape the long shadows of its two most enduring legends?

January 10, 2000 | Gotham Style
Beyond the Baguette
January 7, 2000 | Gotham Style
Eighties Edition: Don't Stop Believin'
December 6, 1999 | Feature
Questrom Authority

Can master retailer Allen Questrom discipline Barneys, a store known best for its ultrahip excesses, while competing in the boutique world the fashion-forward emporium invented?

November 15, 1999 | Feature
Peaking Duck

Is New York being force-fed foie gras?

October 25, 1999 | Gotham Style
Sweater Girl
October 25, 1999 | Gotham Style
Not-So-Easy Chair