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The Body Politic Archive

February 28, 2000
Germ Warfare

Doctors are clashing (and some are even forfeiting their licenses) over how to treat Lyme disease, the infection that takes a licking but appears to keep on ticking.

March 29, 1999

Hepatitis C infections are spreading beyond high-risk groups, causing a few physicians to call for widespread testing. But the medical Establishment is stalling. Sound familiar?

October 19, 1998
Really Unzipped

For ten years, Isaac Mizrahi was fashion's master showman. But when Chanel backed out last month, it was plain for all to see: The emperor sold no clothes.

June 22, 1998
Cocktail Hangover

Alarming new problems with the miracle protease inhibitors suggest that the euphoria over the end of the AIDS epidemic was premature.