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The Power Grid Archive

December 12, 2011
Newt’s Border Crawl

The new front-runner’s immigration stance is an obstacle to the nomination. Which means he has to move. Stealthily.

November 7, 2011
The Temptation of Mitt

If he goes all out for Iowa, the nomination could quickly be his. But is it like Lucy and the football?

October 17, 2011
The Countercapitalist

Steve Jobs turned on, tuned in, and created a new archetype for the American businessman.

October 10, 2011
Christie’s Moment

In politics, time waits for no one. Not even if you bully it.

August 29, 2011
Perry’s GOP Shock Treatment

Five ways the Texas governor’s entrance is jolting the Republican race.

July 18, 2011
Wanted: Economic Savior

The Tim Geithner era is almost over. And his replacement may be the most important appointment Obama ever makes.

June 27, 2011
The “You’re Hired” Gun

Texas governor Rick Perry has a strong jobs record and a red-meat platform. But does he hate Washington too much to run?

June 13, 2011
Tea Party for Two

If Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann Decide to Run, Who Will Notice the Men?

May 30, 2011
Letter to a President With a Problem

A top-secret missive from George Mitchell, the just-resigned special Middle East envoy, explaining why he quit.

May 16, 2011
The Obama Spring

The shots in Abbottabad were heard round the world. But will they still be heard in 2012?