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The Power Grid Archive

February 22, 2010
Does Brown Have a Bright Side?

The lesson of Massachusetts isn’t to split the difference—it’s to lead.

December 21, 2009
Party Boy

Is McCain attacking Obama and toeing the GOP line out of principle? Or for revenge against the man who beat him?

December 14, 2009
100 Versus America

You think a tiny band of verbose old folks couldn’t stand in the way of a nation of 300 million? Meet the U.S. Senate.

October 26, 2009
Hillary Reborn

At State, as in the Senate, she often talks softly—but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t carry a big stick.

October 19, 2009
Back From the Death Panel

How the public option, helped by a congressman looking for an issue and a shrewdly silent White House, returned from the brink.

March 2, 2009
The GOP’s New Colors

Michael Steele and Bobby Jindal don’t look like the vast majority of Republicans. But do new faces mean new ideas?

February 16, 2009
The Quickie Honeymoon

With the Daschle mess and the outsourcing of the stimulus bill to the Democratic Congress, Obama runs the risk (already!) of seeming same-old, same-old.

February 2, 2009
With Friends Like These

The left quadrant of Obama’s base wants to stay relevant by staying angry. And the right doesn’t have anything to do but get angry. So who’s his biggest problem?

January 5, 2009
Bush and Barack, Bedfellows

Why the current president is rooting for the next one.

December 22, 2008
The Chicago Rules

Obama’s Illinois past is not gone. It’s not even past.