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Movie Reviews Archive

February 10, 2014
Museum Piece

The stiff, stuffy The Monuments Men.

December 9, 2013
Man of Constant Sorrow

Oscar Isaac catches a bad break (or ten) in Inside Llewyn Davis.

November 18, 2013
Quixote in Flyover Country

Bruce Dern road-trips to claim bogus prize money in Nebraska.

November 11, 2013
Bike Shorts on Fire

Alex Gibney confronts cycling’s top cheat in The Armstrong Lie.

November 4, 2013
Outlaw Pharmacology

Matthew McConaughey plays a drug-smuggling AIDS patient in Dallas Buyers Club.

October 28, 2013
Paris Is Burning

You’ve never seen a love story like Blue Is the Warmest Color.

October 21, 2013
Found at Sea

Robert Redford gives a career-best performance in All Is Lost.

October 14, 2013
Cut It Out

Robert Rodriguez serves a second helping of empty, violent schlock with Machete Kills.

October 7, 2013

Doc Let the Fire Burn examines both sides of an ugly 1985 police standoff.

September 30, 2013
Laptop Lothario

Director Joseph Gordon-Levitt scores with the porn-addiction comedy Don Jon.