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Movie Reviews Archive

April 8, 2013
Brain-Eating Worm Victims in Love

Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color is totally baffling. See it anyway.

March 25, 2013

Tina Fey's Admission is disappointingly by-the-numbers.

February 18, 2013
Paranormal Romance, Hold the Abstinence

Beautiful Creatures has handsy teen witches but not much punch.

December 17, 2012
Epic Pileup

Zero Dark Thirty and The Hobbit compete for your three hours.

November 19, 2012

Keira Knightley and Joe Wright show their work in the overstylized Anna Karenina.

November 12, 2012
The Spielberg Address

Lincoln preserves the union between drama and history lesson.

November 5, 2012
Blotto Pilot

Denzel Washington is terrific as an alcoholic aviator in Flight.

October 29, 2012
Lost in Reincarnation

Movie critic vs. book critic on the Wachowskis’ adaptation of Cloud Atlas.

October 15, 2012
Hollywood Saves

Ben Affleck mashes up political thrills with movie-business satire in Argo.

October 1, 2012
Pretzel Logic

The time-traveling Looper makes lots of right moves, but not much sense.