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Movie Reviews Archive

March 15, 1999
Gangster's Rap

Hot on the heels of "The Sopranos" comes "Analyze This," in which De Niro loses the safety net and swan-dives into parody as a mobster taking the talking cure.

March 8, 1999
"200 Cigarettes"
March 8, 1999
The Poseurs

Passing itself off as commentary on the dregs of a sleazy industry, '8 MM' indulges its own tawdriness; '200 Cigarettes' is hip -- filtered through a middle-class lens.

March 1, 1999
Out of Memory

When hypnosis turns a computer drone into Mr. Cool, "Office Space" suggests a screwball comedy in the great Hollywood tradition -- even if it's not fully realized.

January 11, 1999
"A Civil Action"
January 11, 1999
You've Got Male

Paul Schrader's "Affliction" offers the bleak, brutal New Hampshire winter as a metaphor for manhood.

December 14, 1998
In Brief: "Central Station"
November 29, 1998
"Liberty Heights,""Sleepy Hollow," and "The World Is Not Enough"
October 19, 1998

In the brilliant, disturbing 'Happiness,' Todd Solondz gets in close to his characters, only to find misery in search of company, cruelty disdainful of absolution.

October 12, 1998
In Brief: "Lolita"

Adrian Lyne's sober "Lolita" misses Nabokov's joke.