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Movie Reviews Archive

June 22, 1998
"Opposite" Attracts

Christina Ricci is devastating as a malevolent teen vixen in "The Opposite of Sex."

June 15, 1998
Selling Short

As a financier driven to murder by his adulterous wife in "A Perfect Murder," Michael Douglas makes a grand creep irresistibly appealing.

June 8, 1998
Truman, Kaput

Jim Carrey plays the mild, unwitting star of a live TV show in which nothing happens, and then it ends. Why is everyone so interested?

June 8, 1998
In Brief: "Under the Skin"
June 1, 1998
Nobody Beats the Liz

A waterlogged remake of the 1954 sci-fi classic finds "Godzilla" stomping through Manhattan instead of Tokyo. Come back, Raymond Burr -- all is forgiven!

May 11, 1998
Goal Tending

In Spike Lee's "He Got Game," hoop dreams and the American dream are intertwined in a blistering morality tale about making the big score.

May 4, 1998
Hell's Cadenza

The music-filled story of a man's sensual reawakening after the war, "The Truce" is adapted from Primo Levi's second Holocaust memoir.

May 4, 1998
In Brief: "Two Girls and a Guy"
April 27, 1998
It Isn't Romantic

"The Object of My Affection" turns the modest tale of a woman in love with her gay best friend into a maddening twist on "The Odd Couple."

April 20, 1998
In Brief: "Point of Order"