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Movie Reviews Archive

April 20, 1998
To Live and Fly in L.A.

Gorgeously shot, "City of Angels" moves Wim Wenders's "Wings of Desire" from Berlin to Los Angeles -- and something crucial's been lost in transit.

April 13, 1998
Speaking in Tongues

Mamet's clipped chatter captures the con artists' terrain of "The Spanish Prisoner"; the Irish accents of the brilliant "Butcher Boy" nearly foil comprehension.

April 6, 1998
Nowhere Man

A suicidal man driving through the outskirts of Tehran doesn't sound like a promising concept, but "Taste of Cherry" isn't your average road movie.

April 4, 1998
In brief: "Wild Things"
March 23, 1998
Young Rascals

"Primary Colors" is funny, raucous, and sometimes raw, but like the novel, Mike Nichols's film sidesteps Bill Clinton's intellectual prowess.

March 16, 1998
In Brief: The Big Lebowski
March 16, 1998
Humbert's Gift

Funny and sharply observed, "Love and Death on Long Island" is "Lolita"-like in describing the inexorable pull of illicit obsession.

March 9, 1998
In Brief: "Palmetto" and "The Real Blonde"
March 9, 1998
Mr. Holland's Other Opus

Director Todd Holland's "Krippendorf's Tribe" lampoons academics, makes a fool of Richard Dreyfuss, and revels in a burlesque sensibility.

March 2, 1998
The Sound of Muzak

Adam Sandler says dirty words kids can relate to, but he's really a young softie, as his ultimately sentimental "The Wedding Singer" attests.