Have a Nice Summer

Summer brings out the very best in New York. Yes, there is the heat. And the throngs of Euro tourists do inspire the occasional fit of homicidal rage. But pleasures abound. Some flee in the great weekend-house diaspora, others indulge in the unmatched delights of city living. The New York summer can work for everybody. It just helps to follow a few simple instructions.

Seize a Beach
Directions to a stretch of sand all your own.

Don’t Embarass the Kids at Camp
Advice from the mouths of babes.

Keep Your Housemates from Hating You

Sing along to the Radio
D.J.’s pick the songs of summer.

Start Your Weekend Early
Thursday is the night to roll out.

Stop Sweating Like a Pig
Tactics for cooling off.

Flee the City Fast
Where to rent a car for all occasions.

Beautify Your Feet
The Heidi Klum of foot models, Christina Ambers, tells all.

Throw an Insane Party
Slip ‘N Slide on the roof.

Fake a Tan

Exploit the Empty Nest
When the kids are away…

Dive Like a Swan
A coach shows the perfect form.

Make Your Hoop Dreams Come True
A court for every game.

Shop for a Bikini
A survival guide.

Distract the Monsters
Kids test new toys.

Blaze through Your Beach Reading
The perfect potboiler for every literary taste.

Enjoy a Traffic Jam
Listen to the perfect summer mix.

Travel to a Distant Land Without Leaving Town
Pretend you’re in Tuscany.

Scare the Hell Out of the Kids
Take them on the newest, craziest roller coaster.

Catch a Big, Floppy Fish
Battery Park City is the spot for striped bass.

Score the Last Peasant Skirt in Town
Summer fashion that’s still in stores.

Eat a Civilized Meal Outside
Alfresco dining without bus fumes.

Turn Your Bedroom into an Oasis
Recipe for a perfect night’s sleep.

Show Some Leg
Settling the debate on proper office attire.

Beat Your Friends
Coaches show you how to win at every sport.

Grab a Rental
Last-second bargains abound.

Food and Drink to Keep You Cool
The 21 best picks.

Enlighten Yourself on Every Day of the Summer
The Only cultural calendar you’ll need.

Susan Avery, Sarah Bernard, Chris Bonanos, Ethan Brown, Sara Cardace, Boris Kachka, Beth Landman, Stephen F. Milioti, Emily Nussbaum, Janet Ozzard, Rob Patronite, Denise Penny, Kate Pickert, Robin Raisfeld, Emma Rosenblum, Grant Stoddard, Stacia Thiel, Ben Williams

Have a Nice Summer